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FREE and EASY Alternative to Ableton Live for iPad or Mac


HOW TO USE upload your own Tracks FREE to the PRIME MultiTrack backing tracks APP

Using MultiTracks has never been so easy.

Get your FREE Download and Sign up for a FREE cloud account CLICK HERE

HOW TO USE THE PRIME MultiTrack backing tracks APP and upload your own Tracks FREEDownload and play all your tracks from Loop Community. Key Features

  • FREE App Download for iPhone, iPad, & Mac
  • Full 18 Channel Mixer
  • Import your own audio from any source
  • Change the Key
  • Change the Tempo
  • Customize Song Arrangement
  • Section Jumping & Looping
  • Multi-Out Integration
  • Crossfade, Overlap & Transitions
  • Auto-Advance, Start, End, Fade Times
  • Auto-Panning (click left, track right)
  • MIDI Controller Integration
  • Create and Save Setlists
  • Dynamic Click Tracks and Cue Voices
  • Full Looptimus Integration

Common Questions

Where do I get tracks for Prime?

Every track you purchase from will automatically show up in PRIME as a FULL multitrack! Just make sure you login with the same username and password that you used to make the purchase.

  • How does the audio work?

    The red tracks (Click and Cues) are automatically routed to the LEFT side of the headphone jack. The blue tracks (Instruments) are routed to the RIGHT side of the headphone jack. Check out this diagram for help on hooking it up to your sound system! You can also use an external interface for Multi-Out capabilities!

  • How do I import my own audio tracks?

    It’s easy! Just click the UPLOAD button at the top of any page at Loop Community. Select the PRIME Cloud option and follow the instructions! Within a few minutes, your track will be ready in PRIME. If you purchased your tracks from Loop Community, they’re already available to you in PRIME and there is no need to use the upload process. Upload Now!

  • Can I manage my song library?

    Yep! Just go to your account settings at Click on PRIME Cloud and choose what songs you want to display, hide, or delete from your account.

  • How does Looptimus work with PRIME?

    Simply plug in Looptimus using an Apple USB Adapter. Button 1A will start song 1, Button 1B will start song 2, etc. The STOP button will stop all audio. In All Access Mode, A and D will change the tempo while B and E will change the key. You can also use any MIDI controller with PRIME. Song 1 is note 1, Song 2 is note 2, etc.

  • Can I add my own Section Markers?

    Yes! For songs that you upload to PRIME Cloud, just tap “Edit Song” in PRIME and follow the instructions.

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Backing tracks Sets – Professionally Made to Order – Todays Cover Band Backing Tracks

better then band in a box backing tracks

We purchase our tracks from the very best Live Band Backing Tracks/Stems site on the web, recorded with real bands (not midi) and awesome singers!

We get these tracks as full Cover music Stems / individual tracks i.e. individual Drums, Percussion, Keys, etc. Then we do the following for you:

great for One man Band to full on corporate cover band to just a singer needing backing tracks, we also have worship backing tracks

– Import them into Ableton Live 9.5, MainStage 3, or even iPad apps if you like.

– Line them up on the grid to the right BPM.

– Add an 8-count intro, so the drummer can have 4 counts and he can also then count off 4 for the band.

– Consolidate every track to line up perfectly to the grid and click.

– Move all 8 tracks back to clip mode with the Name, BPM and Time Signature so everything is ready for your live performance.

– Then add a Cue track.
Our sets are made to use with Ableton 9.5 or higher, then we can import them into MainStage or iPad Apps from there:

– We Have A full How To DIY section on our website. on using ableton live 9 for live performance

All sets come with your choice of songs, completely set up and ready to go. They include all the backing tracks, click track for the drummer, cue to tell you when and where each part starts and even backup vocals. ***NOTE: This pricing is for songs we currently have available from our Library Provider. If there is a track that you have to have that is not in my Library we can program that track from scratch for an additional fee. We have over 50,000 songs in our Library from the pre-50’s through today’s current hits.

Simply email me the list of your songs and we will let you know of any we do not have. In most cases we have 99{b4f721fb3a0d5ac320518023266db0a5323d03e5c146e5148676c44ab1f34157} of all the songs you need.

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