How to use Pre-Made Band Backing Tracks

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These Sets are made in Ableton Live 9.5 Standard or higher –

If you don’t have Ableton Live 9.5 here are a few options:

Get all the features of Live 10 Suite free for 30 days. Click Here

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Ableton Live 10 Standard (Digital Download Version) upgrade from EDU $269 Live lite or intro $349.00 click here

Or We Can Create them as Stem Packs So You Can Mix Them In Your Own DAW – But Ableton Would Open A Whole New World Of Possibilities For Your LIVE Shows!

NOTE: Windows Users:

We are Zipping our Files using a Mac and most PC’s cannot un-zip Mac Zipped Files so you will need to Download 7-Zip to un-zip our file: DOWNLOAD 7-Zip Here FREE

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Ableton Live 9 Backing Tracks Quick Start

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Backing Tracks Ableton Live No Audio Missing Files Troubleshooting

How to export song From Session View with Click and Cue Track for other band members to practice to

Tempo – BPM – Warp – Trouble shooting

How to Go from one song right into the next NON_STOP using FOLLOW plugin!

Buy FOLLOW Plugin Here: https://isotonikstudios.com/product/follow/

Transpose tracks and organize sets

How to Export Click on one side & music on the other stereo backing tracks for iPad of Tablet

Backing Tracks Advanced Live Show Band Setup Ableton Live Tutorial

Automation In Arrangement View

Export songs and move songs up and down

Advanced editing song clips

How to Edit Audio In Ableton Live

Backing tracks how to Automate in Clip mode in Ableton + start clips later in time

Saving sets

Automatically Change Synths Keyboard patches in Ableton Live – Template

How to split a Stereo Track in Ableton Stereo To Mono In Ableton Live

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Other Tutorial by Pyramind Changing Presets with Dummy Clips

Part 1 and 2 

Part 1:

Part 2:


Multiple outputs backing tracks setup using multi out sound card

I was using Behringer X Air XR18, with this you can also mix individual tracks live from an iPad or Tablet.

Controlling Lights With Ableton Live (MIDI to DMX – Enttec DMXIS)

Using Ableton Live to Automate your Production Elements

Automate Changing external instrument presets

My Top Pick for 4 out USB Sound card is:

Behringer U-PHORIA UMC404HD Audiophile 4×4 USB Audio/MIDI Interface
 $89 or 4 payments of $22.49

My Pick for USB Sound card/Digital Mixer is:

Behringer XR18 XAIR Digital Mixer, 18 in – 6 out

If you find these videos helpful Please leave a Tip 🙂

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