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There are 12 main modules in this Standard course. An Advanced course will be available soon. From time to time we will be adding more bonus modules. Be sure to watch the “How To Use Players” video. Some players have chapter markers and jump points for your convenience. And all of the players have a download button so you can download these videos to your home computer. The “How To Use Players” video will describe for you how all of that works.

Mod 1 – What You Need to Get Setup

Mod 2 – Sound Card and Click Setup for 4-outs Sound Card

Mod 3 – Multiple Out Sound Card & Digital Mixers Setup

Mod 4 – Mixing sets & Monitor Mix over view

Mod 5 – Front of House Mixing By Gain

Mod 6 – Front of House Mute Clips and Deactivate Clips

Mod 7 – Mixing with Track/Clips Automation

Mod 8 – Saving Sets | Collect All and Save | Missing Files | Moving Songs

Mod 9 – Midi Mapping Foot Controllers to Control Sets

Mod 10 – Midi Mapping Keyboard Controllers to Control Sets

Mod 11 – Warping to Transpose Song

Mod 12 – Mixing and Editing in Arrangement Performance Mode

Bonus Videos

Backing Tracks Ableton Live No Audio Missing Files Troubleshooting

How to export song From Ableton Clip Session

How to Edit Audio In Ableton Live